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wyBuild Free Download is an open source software update solution, that can deliver small (up to 10MB) updates with a user-friendly interface. You can use wyBuild to deliver your updates in silent (for convenience and security) and/or normal (for a default user experience). It also supports a variety of protocols:Torrent - for fast delivery over a network, with an integrated torrent clientHTTP and WebDAV - for a fast and free delivery over the Internet, with an integrated web browserWindows Service - for a fast delivery over the Internet with an embedded downloader, that will download the file in the background and close itself after the file is completeWith wyBuild, it is easy to create and deliver one-off content updates to users of any size, for free. You can also use wyBuild to dynamically update users of large scale installations with minimal storage cost (no medium archiving!).wyBuild ArchitectureThe wyBuild application is made up of several layers. WyBuild Application, WyBuild Micro Server, wyBuild Micro Server Service, and wyBuild UI. The interaction between these layers is through the use of wyBuild API.wyBuild UI (application)The wyBuild application is a small Perl CGI script, built on the top of Catalyst.wyBuild Micro Server (The core of wyBuild)A small server, that contains most of the logic of wyBuild (account registration, account storage, the webserver, application logic, the API, the installer, etc.). This server runs only when the wyBuild application starts. The main idea of this server is to handle all the tasks.wyBuild Micro Server ServiceA server process that is started only by wyBuild Micro Server, and it is responsible to periodically create a new account, to check all the existing accounts, to send periodic notification emails and to periodically poll the installed applications.wyBuild APIThe API is an HTTP based interface that allows communication between the wyBuild application (UI) and the wyBuild Micro Server (the core). WyBuild application can send requests to the wyBuild Micro Server, and wyBuild Micro Server can send responses to the wyBuild application. WyBuild is written in Perl.wyBuild Developer Board (You can't build anything without this!)wyBuild Developer Board is the hardware for developers, and it is very important for the development of wyBuild. 08929e5ed8


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